Printmaking I & II

From the simplest methods to advanced techniques, learn about a variety of printmaking processes. Explore mono-prints, relief, and more, working in the medium of your choice while exploring color, composition, form, and personal imagery. Includes ink fee. 

Supply List:
Printmaking paper and rice/decorative paper for chine collet (we will discuss various papers and where to buy them during the first class)
Drawing materials including:
Pencil sharpener
X-acto Blades/Knives
Palette knives
Tracing paper
Colored and white pastel pencil, chalk or Conte Crayon (1 each),
Saral transfer paper or carbon paper
Ideas/images to work with

We will discuss the variety of printmaking media students can work with and where they purchase tools and materials from during the first class; including inexpensive Blick Golden-Cut linoleum blocks, Shina (available from McClain’s) and Easy-cut Maple (available from Dick Blick) wood blocks and PETG plates (available from Takach).

There will be a variety of choices available, so students can work within their individual budgets.
Type: Adult
Dates: May 08 - June 19 , 2018
Meets: 06:00 - 09:00, 7 sessions
Hours: 3.00
CEUs: 3.00
Location: WAM HEW
Instructor: Corinne Rhodes
Fee: $230.00
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