Colors—Meanings, Associations, and Symbolism (Online Class)

Each project will use a particular color or colors for their meaning, symbolism, and effect on the whole.  We will create hot and cold landscapes; use tinted harmonies for quieter seasons; use colors to portray life, love, and infinity; colors for dynamism and joy; and achromatic colors for strength, power, good, and evil.
Student Supply List:  acrylics or oils, or water-soluble oils, or watercolors, or pastels at least primary colors and black and white, any other colors you like, brushes-variety, canvas, panels, or paper,
wax paper or palette


Students should familiarize themselves with Zoom software prior to the beginning of the first class session.  Instructions will be sent on how to create a free Zoom account and how to sign in to the secure Zoom classroom before class. Teens are welcome in Online Adult Classes if they are comfortable with the medium.

This class will need to meet minimum enrollment of 5 students to run.  The class maximum will be 10 students.

As long as there is still space to register, online registration will be open until the business day before this class, lecture, or workshop is scheduled to start.  After that point, please call us at 508-793-4333 to check the status of the class and to register over the phone if there are still spaces available.
Type: Adult
Dates: March 11 - April 15 , 2021
Meets: 09:00 - 11:30, 6 sessions
Hours: 2.50
CEUs: 2.50
Location: Online Class
Instructor: Nan Hass Feldman
Fee: $150.00
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