Arms + Armor Demonstrations


Saturdays & Sundays: 11:30am-12:30pm

(Schedule subject to change. Please check our events calendar for specific dates.)

Join us for this fun interactive program, and learn all about different kinds of arms and armor used by knights and soldiers, including Roman soldiers, Medieval knights and beyond! Free with museum admission. Events held in the Museum Conference Room. Schedule subject to change; please check our Events Calendar for up-to-date information.

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14th Century Knight - The Hundred Years War, the Bubonic Plague, the emergence of Knightly plate armor: all of this happened in the 14th century, an age of transition both socially and technologically. Explore this world of change by experiencing it! Interact with the knight and learn how important the common soldier became during this period.

Company Of The Wolfe Argent - Representing a company of 15th century Burgundian men-at-arms, this group employs period clothing and weaponry to offer a lively glimpse of arms and armor, society, and daily life in the late Middle Ages

King Arthur: Myth versus Reality - The Fall of the Roman Empire in the west brought about a world of change. From the perceived order of empire, to the chaos of warring factions emerged Europe of the Middle-Ages and the Knight. Often seen as an age of darkness, the myths and realities surrounding knighthood grew out of the Middle Ages. Compare our modern imaginings of the Arthurian knight with a more realistic presentation of a mounted warrior from the time when Arthur may have lived.

Knight's Tale - The Knight in shining armor conjures a thousand images and captures the imagination. What were the strengths of armor? What were its weaknesses? Learn about all the different kinds of arms and armor that were used by knights and soldiers of the past in this interactive program.

Legio III Cyrenaica Roman Legion - Learn from this Roman living history group that strives to accurately portray the famous Legion based in Alexandria, Egypt during the Flavian period (60-100 AD/CE). You will meet Legionary and Auxiliary soldiers and learn about the Legion's history, weapons, tactics and daily life in this engaging presentation.

Roman Soldier -What was it like to be a soldier? How did they live? What was their equipment like? Learn about the Roman Empire from one of its miles gregarious or common soldiers. Volunteer to help the miles show the audience just how effective he and his equipment could be.

Salem Trayned Band - This re-enacting group accurately recreates a 17th-century English colonial militia unit from Salem, Massachusetts. The militia organization in Salem dates back to 1628 and was a continuation of typical European military practices of the day. Dressed in period clothing and equipped with historically correct arms and armor, the Salem Trayned Band will show you how our colonial ancestors defended themselves.

Samurai: Knights of the East - Samurai, the name conjures an image as strong as that associated with the term Knight. Both were warriors who served greater lords during the Middle Ages. Both had codes of honor: Bushido “the Way of the Warrior” for the Samurai and Chivalry for the European Knight. Their behavior would have lasting impact on the cultures that descended from them. Discover the differences and the similarities of these two groups of fighting men who lived thousands of miles apart from each other.

Onna-Bugeisha: Women of the Samurai - The official title of a Samurai’s wife was “The One who Remains in the Home” - but what did these women really do while the men were away? From warriors to poets, manning catapults to writing laws, no two lives are quite the same. Come and learn the stories of a few outstanding women from the age of Samurai!

Live Demonstration of Medieval Combat! - The subtle skills of attack, parry, and grapple are brought alive by Cambridge Historic European Martial Arts Study Group as they demonstrate the knightly arts in a recreation of a medieval combat school.

Aethelflaed: Lady of the Mercians - In the early 10th century, the Anglo-Saxons were fighting against the Vikings over control of Britain. Aethelflaed was the daughter of King Alfred the Great, the first King of the English. Like her father, Aethelfleadwas a warrior who fortified the Kingdom of Mercia and then led the fight against the Vikings in that land. Discover heroic Aethelflaed and explore the weapons and armor of her day!

The Viking Age - Barbarians! Pirates! Traders! Explorers! These are terms used to describe the Norse people who, without warning, exploded out of Northern Europe into the consciousness of Christian Europe and beyond. Unifying the royal authority of England on the one hand while weakening that of France, the consequences of this period set the stage for much of the Middle Ages. Explore the world of the Viking Age through their weapons, armor and more.

Arming a Knight - Ever wonder how a knight gets dressed? Now you can see for yourself the process of getting a knight in his armor. Along the way, learn about knights and the world they lived in.

Gothic Knight - In the 15th Century, knightly plate armor became the standard for protection, and it also was the last century to see the knight as the dominant player on the battlefield. Discover how useful armor really was and the changing nature of the world in which it was used in.

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